Hyperpigmentation of the skin is a common problem, especially among women. There are different types of hyperpigmentation caused by different reason, but in all cases the skin is being colored unevenly by the melanin pigment.
Hormonal hyperpigmentation: caused by hormonal change or imbalance, which can lead to the appearance of pigmentation spots in the upturned parts of the faces: mustache, forehead and the upper part of the cheeks.
Post-traumatic hyperpigmentation: when the melanin pigment is being created due to a trauma, such as: burning, injury, overly aggressive cosmetic treatment, fragrance use, hair removal, tanning and more.
Plus there are the sun damages, causing solar hyperpigmentation, age spots appearing after few years of tanning. Plus, all types of hyperpigmentation are worsening when being exposed to the sun.
Previously, it was costumed to bleach the skin discolorations through strong exfoliating, both in the cosmetic industry and in medicine. These treatments had very low success rate, due to the face that the cause of the problem was overlooked and the treatment wasn't adjusted accordingly.

These days it is known that the best treatment is by approaching all of the causing factors of pigmentation, constant prophylaxis and renewing product to remove the cells containing the discoloration spots in a highly controlled way and with any kind of irritation, because it is the initial cause of the melanin pigment spread in the skin. This is why to desirable treatment is gentle, controlled and as less irritant as possible.

KB Pure Company espoused the importance of using non-irritant products, allowing constant, non-traumatizing treatment.
Our brightening products are divided into 2 types, the appropriate one picked by the authorized beautician.

The brightening product is reducing the production of melanin (the pigment) regularly.
Anti Rosine – powerful brightening product, reducing significantly the rhythm of melanin production. It is suitable for all skin types and tones, as a brightening treatment as well as prophylaxis for all skin types that tend to create skin discolorations for various reasons. How to use: Apply a thin, even layer twice a day. Additional suitable moisturizing cream has to be applied as well.
Renewing product
First option: Phyto-whitening Cream – re-brightening product for treating spots on the skin. It is suitable for prone to hyperpigmentation skin. It is not irritating and it's suitable for rejuvenating the darker skin specifically.
Second option: Retinol Active – powerful rejuvenation product for the mature skin, contains retinol, alpha hydroxyl acids and antioxidants. Provides renewal, firming and brightening for mature skin and blurs the signs of age.
Third option: Alpha Beta – powerful renewing product for oily and problematic skin, characterized by comedones and subcutaneous fat.
Renovates skin texture, reduces pores and balances the secretion of fat.