One of the most common cause of skin problems among adolescents and adults alike is hormonal imbalance, often created by stress.
Acne is a combination of few processes occurring due to these factors.
Overproduction of sebum glands
Comedones: a "plug" of keratin in hair follicles, leading to appearances of the typical wounds.
Acne bacteria which thrives in hair follicles.
Dryness in the outer layer of the skin (the cornea) which hinders the healing and restoration of the skin.
KB Pure Company offers a variety of active and concentrated products combined of therapeutic components to treat these problems.
While developing these product, we emphasized comfortable appliance – therapeutically and quantitatively, following the principle "minimal irritation with minimal amount of products to achieve maximal of therapeutic and renewing effect".
The treatment method and the selection of best product aimed for a specific customer are being determined by a certified beautician, trained by KB Pure Company.

These are the products:
Pure Cream – moisturizer for oily and problematic skin, balances the secretion of dermal fat, soothes inflammation and significantly reduces the amount of inflammatory lesions of the problematic skin.
Alpha Beta – A powerful renewal product for the oily problematic skin, characterized by comedones and subcutaneous fat. The product is renewing the skin texture, reduces the pores and balances the secretion of fat.
Azo Cream – The cream contains 20% azelaic acid, a powerful component for acne, sets back the thriving of the bacteria and balances the fat glands immediately.
Salicylic Soap – Antiseptic soap, gentle renewal treatment for dealing with various skin problems originated from hair follicles: folliculitis, acne, rash and open comedones.
Soothing mask – a calming moisturizing cream, suitable for treating itchy and reddish skin, extreme dryness all over the skin. The product provides efficient restoration for using after invasive procedures. Rich in moist, fatty acids and variety of powerful calming components.